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Java has been my computer programming language of choice since 1996, when I first started out as a contract Java Developer doing business as ORBS and later through CroftSoft Inc.

I wrote the book Advanced Java Game Programming.

A portfolio of some of my Java programs is available.

I have created a collection of Open Source Java code available from the CroftSoft Code Library.

I established GameSpawn Inc. to further my interest in Open Source Java games.

I founded the Game Developers Java Users Group (GameJUG) and the Mountaineers Java Users Group (MtJUG). I previously served as the President of the Silicon Valley Java Users Group (SVJUG).

As I am an advocate of pure, portable cross-platform Java programming, I am a member of the Java Lobby, a society dedicated to keeping the Java programming language portable and open.

I've been writing computer games and other applications as a hobby since I was 12-years-old (1980) and I've accumulated a lot of old code which you are welcome to browse if you think you might benefit from it. If so, feel free to visit my old source code repository.

CroftSoft Inc JavaSoft Java Lobby Advanced Java Game Programming GameSpawn:  Open Source Java Games Online! GameSpawn:  Open Source Java Games Online!

Online Java Tutorials




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