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Optihumanist Principles

David Wallace Croft


  • Reality is real. There is no Heaven and there is no Hell. The supernatural and the paranormal do not exist. Reason and the Scientific Method are paths to the truth.

  • Persistence persists. Survival is the absolute good. Genetic egoism is the rational self-interest of our genes. The purpose of the acorn is to produce more acorns. Children are blessings we give to ourselves.

  • We choose. Our fates are determined by our genetics, our environments, and our choices. Power is the ability to control one's own destiny. Determinism and free will are compatible.

  • Democracy first. Where there is voting, there is joint ownership and mutual respect. We meet in fellowship as equals. Everyone deserves to be free.

  • Our lives are our own. Emigration, reproduction, and life span are personal choices. Human rights and property rights are synonymous. Capitalism, democracy, and individual rights are inseparable. Charity is not coerced. Everyone profits from voluntary exchange.

  • Death is not inevitable. The mind can be preserved independent of the brain. Where the gods fail us, human technology will succeed. We strive to achieve salvation in this world.

  • Religion is natural. We answer the call for a new religion compatible with science and reason. We gather in fellowship to educate and to celebrate. We find meaning in ourselves, our children, and each other.

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