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David Wallace Croft

2008 Aug 31 Sun


I am an Optihumanist. Optihumanism is a religion without supernatural elements at the intersection of Religious Humanism, Neo-Objectivism, and Immortalism. I define my particular flavor of Optihumanism in the Optihumanist Principles.

Find out if you too are an Optihumanist by taking the Optihumanist Quiz.

I am collecting quotations from philosopher-scientists on the subject of The Call for a New Religion Compatible with Science.

I created a Religious Humanist Reading List.

I am a Founder and a Member of the Humanist Fellowship of North Texas. You can read a collection of my sermons.

I am a member of the HUUmanists which publishes the "Journal of Religious Humanism".


As an extropian, I believe that future technologies such as nanotechnology will one day permit us to live forever. I have made arrangements with the Alcor Life Extension Foundation for cryotransport upon my death.

I am also a Founder of the Society for Universal Immortalism, formerly known as the Transhumanist Church.

At one time, I half-jokingly considered starting a Cryobaptist Church.

I created an announcements mailing list and a discussion mailing list for North Texas Cryonauts living in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex.


I am a Neo-Objectivist and a student of Objectivism. I study the philosophy of Ayn Rand in the North Dallas Objectivism Study Group.

I endorse the Ayn Rand Institute and the Objectivist Center.

I am also a fan of the philosopher Daniel Dennett.

I believe in Causal Determinism; I do not believe that there is any inherent randomness in the physics of the universe. At the same time, I believe in Free Will, so therefore I am a Compatibilist.

My philosophy of mind is Functionalism.

I am confounded by how a universe could come to exist from null.
I am equally perplexed by a universe that has always existed.


I am a Bright. I am a Founder of the Dallas Brights.

In 2005, I served as the Chair of the Metroplex Atheists.

I endorse the all-volunteer democratic organization Atheist Alliance International.

Optihumanist Fellowship Humanist Fellowship of North Texas Society for Universal Immortalism
Alcor Life Extension Foundation Extropy Institute Foresight Institute
Atheist Alliance International

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