Croft Family Name

This a line of Croft family members that originated from the South Carolina area in the 1700's and Alabama in the 1800's and wound up in Texas by the mid 1800's. Before that, it looks like we originated from England.

If you know of a few connections not on this list, please let me know. --David Croft


Reverse chronological order by birth date followed by birth place.

Thomas Edward Croft 2000- Hayward, California
Benjamin Wallace Croft 1997- Fairmont, West Virginia
Ada Beth Croft 1995- Pasadena, California
Steven Morris Croft 1971- New Jersey
David Wallace Croft 1968- Okinawa, Japan
Sharon Elizabeth Croft 1964- Texas (?)
Elizabeth Louise Croft
Janie Lucille Croft
Joseph Wallace Croft Jr. 1942- Texas
Joseph Wallace Croft Sr. 1917-199? Texas
Martin Vanburen Croft 1894-1968 Texas
Melvin Moore Croft 1855-1926 Alabama
Israel Pickens Croft 1820-1869 Alabama
William Croft 1777-1825 South Carolina
Edward Croft -1781 South Carolina
Ed. or Wm. Croft <1781

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