Melvin Moore Croft (1855-1926)


Father: Israel Pickens Croft (1820-1869)
Mother: Liazer Herring (1827-1904)


Daughter: Lou Ella Croft (1878-1954)
Son: Dewyatt Donree Croft (1881-1939)
Son: Robert Ellis Croft (1883-1963)
Daughter: Mary Croft (1886-1888)
Daughter: Sallie Ann Croft (1889-1907)
Daughter: Zeldah Mae Croft (1891-1909)
Son: Martin Vanburen Croft (1894-1968)
Daughter: Myrl Ellen Croft (1897-1971) (only one who did not sell land to Joseph Wallace Croft Sr. to restore original Croft Farm, thus 144 acres restored instead of 165 acres)


Wife: Sarah Frances Tompkins (1860-1943)


Names: Melvin Moore Croft
Birth Date: 1855-08-22
Birth Location: Tuscaloosa County, Alabama (just NE of present day Vance, Alabama)
Marriage Date: 1878-01-28
Marriage Location: Limestone County, Texas
Death Date: 1926-02-11
Death Location: Austin, Travis County, Texas
Burial Location: Prairie Grove Cemetery, Limestone County, Texas


David Wallace Croft (great-great-grandson)


Was 12 when came from Alabama. Wagon pulled by oxen. Walked the whole way. Only time rode was when crossed Missippi River by ferry. Carried black powder muzzle loader on trip. Jim Williams, husband of Janie Croft, restored the gun and has it in his possession.

Came to Limestone County from Alabama to settle with relatives. His father died 2 years later in 1869. Alabama had 2 bad crop years; one of the reasons the family came.

His mother later moved to Stephenville area around 6 to 8 years after the death of her husband (around 1876 or 1877) when he was about 21. He stayed behind to marry Sarah Fances Tompkins. She was too young to marry at the time so he made a deal to work his father-in-law's land. Deal with his father-in-law was that if he cleared the land he would could get half. He later got the other half from his father-in-law for a combined 165 acres. This was the original "Croft Farm".

Land Owner - Farmer.

Blacksmith for public, had shop in LaSalle. Plumber, auto mechanic. One of the first persons in the county to own a car. Would routinely buy boxcar loads of mule feed to sell at his blacksmith shop.

Later bought some better farm land around Turkey Creek. Later, this is where Joseph Wallace Croft Sr. first noticed Margrette Larue Brown.

Distinguished looking. Shrewd businessman. Hard worker. Had a passle of kids.


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