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Optihumanist Principles

David Wallace Croft


  • There is no God. There is no Heaven. There is no Hell. The supernatural does not exist. The paranormal does not exist. The Scientific Method is a path to the truth.

  • Democracy liberates. We meet in fellowship as equals. Where there is voting, there is joint ownership and respect. Everyone deserves to be free.

  • Socialism enslaves. Collectivism kills. Stealing from the rich to give to the poor is theft. Human rights and property rights are synonymous. Charity cannot be coerced.

  • Our lives are our own. Abortion is a personal choice. Suicide is a personal choice. Cloning is a personal choice. Body enhancement is a personal choice. Life span is a personal choice. Personal risk is a personal choice.

  • Humans are inherently good. Humans have evolved to care for one another. Compassion is a natural instinct. Peace on Earth is a human effort.

  • Children give life meaning. Children are blessings we give to ourselves. Children are the source of true joy. All of life on Earth is related.

  • The Universe is deterministic. Our fate is determined by our genetics; Our fate is determined by our environments; Our fate is determined by our choices. Sexual preference, like skin color, is not a choice and is not a sin. Power is the ability to control one's own destiny.

  • Death is not inevitable. The mind can be preserved independent of the brain. Where the gods fail us, human technology will succeed. We will achieve salvation in this world.

  • Optihumanism is a faith-based religion. It is not a philosophy. It is not a life stance. We believe in Humanity.

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