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2007 Sep 24 Mon

We have filed lawsuits to have the new mandatory moment of silence and state pledge laws for Texas public schools ruled unconstitutional.

Previously I was a member of the Libertarian Party. Now I would like to start a Minarchist Party.

Please see my campaign web page.

I served as a Libertarian Party of Texas State Libertarian Executive Committee (SLEC) representative for state senatorial district 9.

I also served as the Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of Denton County Texas.

I have archived the documents that I maintained as Marion County Chair and State Secretary of the Libertarian Party of West Virginia.

I am a supporter of Initiative for Texas, School Choice Vouchers, Social Security Choice, and Approval Voting.

I am in favor of getting rid of Daylight Savings Time.

Here is an archive of my political speeches.

Previously I proposed the formation of an Objectivist Party, a new political party based on the philosophy of Objectivism.

Libertarian Party Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech

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