The Family Web: Optional Information

Optional Information

The Family Web is a suggested public-domain format for displaying genealogical ties on the World-Wide Web (WWW) using the HyperText Markup Language (HTML). An example can be viewed at .

While a Family Web only requires hypertext links to the web pages of the genetic parents and children, there is a host of other, optional, basic data and relevant information that you could (and should) include. These suggestions are entirely optional and will not necessarily be scanned in by any automated programs that search for data on Family Web pages. Feel free to use any format, established or otherwise, that you want if you think it will be useful in customizing the individual's Family Web page with relevant information. Please remember to use hypertext links to pictures or detailed histories instead of placing them directly in the individual's Family Web page so that the main Family Web can be traversed quickly without waiting for lengthy downloads.

If you have additional ideas and suggestions for this list, please be sure and let me know via e-mail at .


The Family Web
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