The Java APIs
A Snapshot

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A Snapshot

As the number of Java Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is growing rapidly and continuously, this listing represents only a current snapshot of what is known and has been announced. Working with industry inputs and design, JavaSoft is churning out new APIs at a heretofore unknown speed.

The number of standard (core) Java packages and classes required of a compliant Java implementation increased from 8 and 211 in Java 1.0 to 23 and 503 in Java 1.1, respectively.

I have no current count of the number in Java 1.2 but it has certainly grown. Has it doubled again?

The Java APIs represent the largest collection of free, documented, debugged, accessible, and reusable software components. While this is a great boon to Developers everywhere, it also implies a responsibility for them to be aware of the APIs now available to them to avoid writing non-conformant, obviated, and redundant code.

The List

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The Core Packages

The Core classes are required with every installation of a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). By sticking with just the Core classes, portability is guaranteed.

The number of fundamental Core classses inherent to the language is larger than ever seen before for a standard library associated with any past language.

Many of the emerging APIs described above will be incorporated into the Core in version 1.2 or later.

Those packages that are named javax.* are considered "standard extensions" and may or may not be included with every JVM.


Java Products & APIs
The main index to everything.

Java Platform 1.2 Beta 2 API Specification
The javadoc package index.

Java Developers Connection
Pre-releases of the emerging APIs.

JavaBeans Activation Framework
JAF (project name Glasgow) is currently in development and is not advertised in the above sources.

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Posted 1998-02-04.