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Margaret Yarborough Dillworth


Father: George Anson Dilworth
Mother: Mary Ann Elizabeth Lamkin


Child: Mary Ada Sling

Other Relations

Spouse: John Henry "Jack" Sling

Basic Data

Name: Margaret Yarborough Dillworth
Nickname: Maggie
Gender: female


This was from an e-mail to me from my Uncle Don Holland:

You are related to the Yarbroughs through your 2nd great grandfather on the Sling side, John Henry "Jack" Sling who married Margaret Yarborough "Maggie" Dilworth. She was the daughter of George Anson Dilworth and Mary Ann Elizabeth Lamkin. George was probably the first doctor in McMullen County. He was the son of Andrew Dilworth and Mary Elizabeth Parchman. The Dillworth's are probably the most influential family in the early history of south Texas but the Yarbrough's and Parchman's were right in there with the Dilworth's. The Dilworth's ended up owning big chunks of land in McMullen County that was awarded to them for doing surveys of the county.

The Dilworth's also played a big part in Gonzales County. I don't have all the family connections but they were all related. The Parchman's are cousins to you and they are the family that the Alamo defender William Philip King came from. His mother was a Parchman.

I have not made the connection to Margaret Yarborough Dillworth with the Yarbrough's due to lack of time to look into it. She does not appear to be descended from the Yarbroughs. I used to think she may have previously been married to a Yarbrough but some of the more advanced Dilworth researchers seem to think she was named after the Yarbrough's because the families were so close to each other and it is thought that the Yarbrough's raised some of the Dilwolrth kids when the parents died or something like that so they think she was named after them to honor their family. Either that or the Dilwolrth's were playing good politics!

Interesting also is that one of my early 2nd cousins on my mother's side in Williamson County was married to a Yarbrough.

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