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David Wallace Croft

2007 Apr 15 Sun

Back in the late 1990's, I reserved the domain name for the Libertarian Party of West Virginia which they are still using today. After I moved, I later reserved in 2001 for use by the Libertarian Party of Denton County Texas (LPTX-Denton). Along with others, I helped maintain the website for a number of years as a volunteer webmaster for Denton County and some other North Texas counties and candidates.

LPTX-Denton has a new webmaster now and a new domain name so I am archiving the old website here. In this zip file, you can find historical documents such as the list of former LPTX-Denton Executive Committee (ExComm) officers, bylaws, rules, convention and meeting minutes, candidate webpages, mailing list links, conference photos, and snapshot backup archives of the website over time.

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