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The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) Graduate Student Council (GSC) is an official UTD student organization that represents the graduate student body. All UTD graduate students are considered members of this organization and may participate in the monthly meetings.

Our topics of concern include:

  • Improving the pay, benefits, and working conditions of graduate student teaching assistants and research assistants;
  • The dissemination of information relevant to graduate student education and student life including the orientation of new graduate students; and
  • The dissemination of graduate student thoughts, opinions, and perspectives about graduate education and graduate student life including the online or print publication of written editorials.


The UTD GSC meets monthly. For meeting announcements, please join the mailing list.

The meeting minutes are archived online.


When not meeting in person, we communicate via the mailing list.

We invite all UTD graduate students to subscribe.

We also have a web bulletin board.

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You can contact us by posting an e-mail message to

Our student organization sponsor is Dr. Richard M. Golden.

As described in our constitution, the Executive Committee (ExComm) is an annually elected body of graduate students with one representative from each of the UTD Schools. We currently have a vacancy on the ExComm. If you are interested in volunteering to serve on the ExComm, please contact us.

Executive Committee
School Representative
Arts and Humanities David Waddell
Behavioral and Brain Sciences Chana Shvonne Williford
Secretary / Treasurer
Natural Sciences and Mathematics Alexandr V. Novikov
Public Relations
Social Sciences Venitta Ann Bennett
Vice President



Venitta Ann Bennett Vice President
Vice President
2003 - 2004
2004 - Present
Bhavin Bhulani Web Designer 2003
Dr. William Burgett Sponsor 2002
Carson Founder
Clinton President 2002
David Wallace Croft School of BBS Representative
2004 - 2005
2004 - 2005
Bassam El-Hajj Secretary 2002
Nick Furl, Ph.D. President 2004
Cindy Jaynes Treasurer 2003
Richard M. Golden, Ph.D. Sponsor 2003 - Present
Alexandr V. Novikov School of NS&M Representative
Public Relations
2003 - Present
2003 - Present
Mahesh Sadarangani President 2003
Taras Vastola Secretary 2003
David Waddell School of A&H Representative 2004
Chana Shvonne Williford Secretary / Treasurer 2004 - Present


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