C1C David W. Croft
            SSN XXX - XX - XXXX
            CS - 36, DFEE
            18 August 1989

                 I was assigned to the Radar Test Facility at Tyndall

            AFB, Florida along with two other EE majors.  I was tasked

            with modifying a program which controlled a microwave

            switcher.  Most of my time was consumed in figuring out the

            intent of the original program and learning the programming

            language it was to be converted to, Turbo Pascal 5.0.  I had

            just finished when it came time to leave.

                 One exasperating problem I had was that the billeting

            office had cancelled my reservation.  When I showed up I was

            placed in VAQs and told that the situation was merely

            temporary.  After three weeks and a decision by the base

            commander, myself and four other cadets were moved to a

            downtown motel.

                 I was pleased with the programming work and have since

            then purchased Turbo Pascal 5.5 for my own use.  As for the

            people I worked with, they put my fears to rest about what

            they would demand of me once I graduated into a similar

            career field.  I had opportunites to mingle with officers

            and enlisted personnel in office and social environments.

                 I would recommend that sponsoring bases insure that

            daily transportation is provided for the cadets.  I and one

            other cadet brought POVs and found them to be indispensable.

Furthermore, as cadets may arrive on dates other than their billeting reservations indicate, I would hope that their six-week reservations would remain valid until the status of the cadets is known.

Transcribed to HTML on 1997-09-29 by David Wallace Croft.